The next step in post-op safety.

At Ezalife, we create simple, safe post-operative securement devices. Our dedication to innovation and the customer experience guides us toward a world with improved post-op care, where patients can be free to live their lives with dignity and greater independence.

The Ezalife Promise


At Ezalife, we believe that great design is simple design. We've made sure that all of our products are simple and intuitive, eliminating unnecessary hassle and time spent.


Co-invented by a surgeon, our products are designed to decrease the risk of infection and other complications. We send all of our products to clinical trials to ensure that they are safe and effective.


Complications with surgically placed catheters or feeding tubes can be costly and dangerous. Our products keep such devices in place, so that patients can receive life-saving fluids without worry.

The Button Huggie

The Button Huggie is a precision-designed securement device for gastrostomy buttons (g-tubes). Co-invented by a pediatric surgeon and a team of engineers, the Button Huggie is a first-of-its-kind device that greatly reduces post-operative complications.

Button Huggie g-button device open and closed with AMT MiniONE g-tube
  • Easy Gauze Replacement

  • Increase Comfort

  • Avoid Infection

  • Reduce Granulation

  • Prevent Dislodgement

  • Minimize Leakage

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