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Our mission is to improve overall health and safety, by developing products that simplify the lives of those with “simple to complex”, or “short to long term” medical issues, so that they can live with dignity and greater independence.

The Button Huggie®

A novel, precision-designed gastrostomy button (g-button) securement device. Designed to reduce or eliminate g-button dislodgements, movements, leaking, and site irritation, Button Huggie is a simple-to-use, short and long-term solution to secure g-buttons.
Designed by a surgeon, loved by Moms.


Increase Comfort


Avoid Infection


Minimize Leakage


Reduce Granulation Tissue


Prevent Accidental Dislodgement

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The Button Huggie is a multi-function, stabilization device for gastrostomy buttons. It is composed of four uniquely designed and integrated layers, which serve a variety of important functions.


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