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Supporting the Pediatric Community

Ezalife began when our CEO, a surgeon at the Children's Hospital Colorado, noticed that his patients were returning with dislodged or infected gastrostomy buttons. He looked at the industry standard tape-and-gauze method of securement and thought "there must be a better way".

To this day, we make sure that all of our products are designed to help patients from infancy to adulthood, and we always stay dedicated to the pediatric community.


The Button Huggie

Our flagship product, the Button Huggie, was designed to secure gastrostomy buttons for pediatric patients. Visit our shop to learn more about how the Button Huggie can help your child.

  • Replace Gauze Easily

  • Increase Comfort

  • Avoid Infection

  • Minimize Leakage

  • Reduce Granulation

  • Prevent Dislodgement

Button Huggie G-button Securement device on a pediatric patient with feeding tube attached

Check out or Button Huggie Super Hero Line!

(In Development)

Super Hero Line of Button Huggie Reusable Lids for Children

Help Support Pediatric Health.

The pediatric community needs more funding! Donate to the Children's Hospital Colorado today.

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