Instructions for Use

The Button Huggie is a multi-function, stabilization device for gastrostomy buttons. It is composed of four uniquely designed and integrated layers, which serve a variety of important functions:

The top layer is a reusable lid. In its closed position the lid works in combination with the base layer to cover and shield the g-button from the outside world—offering 360° of protection from external forces. Opening the lid provides access to the inner compartment where the g-button and gauze sponge reside, making replacement of the gauze sponge an easy and painless process. The lid is designed so that the extension feeding tube can be attached to the g-button without having to open or remove the lid. This feature keeps the g-button stable while a child is feeding. Even during continuous nighttime feeds, when a child is apt to twist and turn in bed, the Button Huggie secures the extension feeding tube and prevents movement of the g-button in the tract. The lid has three slits to provide ventilation and is made of a flexible, thermoplastic polyurethane so that the Button Huggie conforms to the contours of a newborn’s or young child’s abdominal wall. The lid connects to the base layer via a specially designed hinge, which can only be attached or detached when the Button Huggie is off the skin. This feature helps to prevent the lid from being detached and lost or chewed upon by infants and toddlers. Moreover, the hinge positions the lid at an ergonomic angle when opened, so that the lid can be used as a handle when applying the Button Huggie to the body.

Fully Assembled

 The multi-function, disposable base layer incorporates an inner structure, which helps guide the device over and around the g-button during application. This ensures the Button Huggie is always centered on the g-button. The inner structure of the base layer also serves to stabilize the g-button when the lid is open (for purposes of cleaning around the gastrostomy tract or replacing the disposable gauze layer). The face of the inner structure on the base layer is sloped downward to help guide the gauze under and around the g-button. This further simplifies placement and replacement of the gauze pad.

Sliding Gauze In

A long-wearing, skin friendly 3M adhesive attaches the base layer of the Button Huggie to the skin around the gastrostomy button. The adhesive is intended to remain adherent to the skin for one week, after which the base layer will need to be changed. At that point the entire device should be detached from your child’s skin.  The lid is then removed from the base layer and washed with soap and water (use a toothbrush if the lid needs to be scrubbed). The lid can then be reused by attaching it to a new base layer.

Detach Lid

An absorbent, easily replaced and biodegradable gauze pad, which fits completely around the stem of the g-button, is designed to wick moisture away from the gastrostomy tract. The gauze pad is easily replaced by simply opening the lid of the Button Huggie. The edges of the gauze pad extend just beyond the sides of the device to enable the caregiver to easily grasp the sides of the gauze and slide it out from under the g-button. A new gauze pad is then inserted, letting the contours of the inner structure guide it under and around the g-button.

The Button Huggie Gauze Replacement